Bridge to China – Podcast

Bridge to China is a podcast by Humboldt-Tech Bridge. With this podcast we want to answer the most pressing questions European startups have regarding China.


Sabine Yang-Schmidt Yiran Li
#1 A piece of Berlin in China - what is the Berlin Business Desk in Beijing? | with Sabine Yang-Schmidt & Yiran Li

Where do German startups differ from Chinese ones? What attracts Chinese founders to Berlin? What are cultural differences? We talked about these questions with Sabine Yang-Schmidt and Yiran Li. Both are representatives of the Berlin Business Desk China of Berlin’s Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises with an office in Beijing (Sabine is now Managing Director at Cassandra Foresight). For this reason, they could already gather a lot of experience and impressions on the bridge between Europe and China. We would like to thank them again and hope you enjoy listening to the first episode!